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Negotiating is a part of everyday life… Agreements which meet the best interests of your family…Sound advice during challenging times

Collaborative Divorce

In the Collaborative Divorce process, you hire legal counsel to help settle all property, income, expense and child custody issues before asking a judge to dissolve your marriage. Learn more

Mediation Law

In Mediation, legal services are provided from a place of neutrality. The mediator does not represent either party. If advice is required, each party is encouraged to seek their own counsel. Learn more


Litigation means courtroom drama. Lawyers are unleashed and a judge will decide your issues for your family. You go on the court’s schedule and at the lawyers' pace. Learn more

Cincinnati Divorce Attorney - Maury White

It is possible to control the outcome of the divorce. The Collaborative Law Process and Mediation are designed to help resolve conflict through education, direct dialogue and negotiation. As a Cincinnati Divorce Attorney, my 36 years of combined experience in the courtroom, in business, and with the Mediation and Collaborative processes will help you evaluate all of your options. I believe it is important for you to understand your lawyer’s role, as well as the law, before you get involved in any divorce process. Couples can take positive and constructive steps to avoid the destruction, animosity and regret which often accompanies the typical high conflict divorce. My goal is to help clients avoid any unnecessary waste of time, energy and money and to concentrate on creating options for the future.

Certified Family Law Specialist

Of the 139 attorneys who have been certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as a Family Law Specialist, I am the only one with a primary office in Warren County, Ohio. To obtain certification as a specialist, attorneys must pass a written examination and demonstrate substantial involvement in the field, fulfill enhanced educational requirements, and submit to a rigorous peer evaluation process by attorneys and judges familiar with the attorney and family relations law.

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